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For women:

Are you unhappy in your relationship and
struggling with whether to stay or go?​

Do you find yourself repeatedly attracting relationships that don't work?

Get the clarity you need to make the decisions that are right for you, and create healthy, fulfilling relationships that last!

Whether you're trying to figure out if you can make your relationship work, or you already know it's not going to but you're feeling stuck,


and you're ready to release anything that's been in the way of you getting the love you want, you're in the right place!

Maybe you relate to the word, "codependency" and maybe you don't, but if you feel like...

😔 Your partner really isn't there for you in the way you want him to be

😔 You sometimes accept unacceptable behavior because you don't want to rock the boat

😔 You're settling for a relationship that is never really going to be fulfilling

😔 You're unhappy in your relationship and struggling with whether to stay or go

😔 or you're repeatedly attracting relationships that don't work

and you want to:

💗 Release painful patterns that may be at the root of your relationship struggles

💗 Trust yourself to make soul aligned choices so you stop wasting time in indecision

💗 Create healthy, fulfilling relationships that last!

You're in the right place!

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Hi. I'm Risa Gaull, Self-Love & Relationship Coach for Women, Mind-Body Wellness Specialist, award-winning speaker featured on Transformational Talk Radio, and creator of the program, Freedom from Codependency: The Self-Love Solution™️.

After being married to a man who struggled with alcoholism and depression, and discovering how codependent I was, I learned what it takes to be in a healthy relationship.

As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I've helped many people through the process of understanding their own emotions, so they can make choices that are right for them, and create healthy, fulfilling relationships that last!

My philosophy on life and relationships...

It took me a long time, and a lot of heartache to figure out that: 

  • I don't have control over anyone except myself


  • I am responsible for handling how I feel, others are responsible for handling how they feel and the choices they make

  • The love and approval I'd been seeking all my life was my own, and that others are not my source

3 Keys for a healthy relationship:

1. Two halves don't make a whole.

2. Your partner is not your source.

3. Communication is the bridge

The goal is for both individuals to feel whole and resourced from within themselves, for each to take responsibility for their own emotions, then come together with good communication skills to form a loving, supportive relationship and healthy interdependence. 

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Programs and Services

      "Freedom from Codependency: The Self-Love Solution" private coaching program 

  • QiGong classes, workshops, transformational retreats


Full Circle Wellness, LLC


Risa Gaull, BS, MQT

222 Main St., Suite 297

Farmington, CT  06032



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