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About Risa...

Risa Gaull, BS, MQT

Mind-Body Wellness Specialist

B.S. Health Fitness, Springfield College, Springfield, MA

Self-Love and Relationship Coach for Women

Certified Diamond Process™ Transformational Life Coach


Certified Tai Chi and QiGong Instructor

Professional Member, National Qigong Association


Certified Medical QiGong Therapist

International Institute of Medical Qigong,

Affiliate of Henan University, China


With a B.S. in Health Fitness, 15 years of experience in Employee Wellness, over 20 years of teaching Tai Chi and QiGong ("Chee-Gong"​), and certification as a Medical QiGong Therapist (like acupuncture without needles), Risa founded Full Circle Wellness, LLC in 2014.


Combining ancient wisdom and modern science, Risa's innovative, customized Wellness Programs provide people with the support and counseling they need to lead calmer, healthier, more productive and satisfying lives.  

As a certified Transformational Life Coach and drawing on her own personal experience, having been married to an alcoholic, she now specializes in helping women who are unhappy in their relationships, get crystal clear on whether or not they can make their relationships work and, if not, to be able to lovingly release them and move ahead confidently in their lives without regret. 

Risa is also an accomplished healer, and offers Remote Energy Healing  sessions, combined with Intuitive Readings. 








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