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Employee Wellness Programs

Innovative Employee Wellness Programs for organizations that recognize the value of incorporating high level well-being practices to:


  • Support employees in achieving their highest levels of performance


  • Build a healthy organizational culture where employees are fully engaged and inspired!


  • Reduce absenteeism and health care costs


  • Attract and retain the best talent

Helping employees

accomplish more

every day with greater

ease, energy and focus.



Guiding leaders, teams and individuals to achieve high performance

while maintaining well-being in all aspects of work and life. 

   “Energize Your Life and Leadership”

   Executive Coaching Programs for individuals, team training and retreats


   What would your life and leadership look like if you were less stressed and had more energy?


   With this customized, individual or team training program you will:


  • Get the energy you need to accomplish what you want, and do the things you love


  • Release stress, unhealthy emotions, and patterns of limited thinking which inhibit your success


  • Realize your full potential by removing hidden blocks to high performance


  • Create step-by-step action plans for sustainable success


   If you want to show up in your work and your life with the presence and personal power you need to be an inspiring

   leader, I invite you to apply for a complimentary Executive Energy Strategy Session with me. 

Combining ancient wisdom and modern science, I help employees enjoy more energy, focus and success!

QiGong Classes

Offered at your location, at lunchtime or after work

Employees will feel tension melt away, as they clear their minds and supercharge their energy with this 30-minute lunchtime Qigong class! (“Chee-Gong”) No special clothing required. They’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of their day!

Acupressure Massage

15-minute Energy Balancing Treatments offered at your location

Give employees the opportunity to refresh themselves with a deeply relaxing Energy Treatment! In just 15 minutes, this combination of massage and acupressure will melt away their tension. They’ll leave feeling refreshed and energized - ready to calmly handle the rest of their day with greater clarity, energy, and focus.

"Three-Minute Energy Boosters and Stress Reducers"

Customized digital programs

Guided Qigong exercises and relaxation techniques employees can access any time for a quick mind-body reboot!

As an Employee Wellness Specialist with over 20 years of experience in teaching mind-body practices, Risa brings a holistic approach to improving the quality of people’s lives through innovative stress management, health, and wellness programs. Her passion is helping individuals and teams enjoy vibrant health and energy, so they can achieve the success and well-being they desire in their work and in their lives.

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