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QiGong ("Chee-Gong")

Feel all your tension melt away as you calm your mind and energize your body with the deep breathing, and slow, flowing movements of these ancient Chinese healing exercises.​

QiGong means "Energy Work", and is gentle system of exercises that stimulate and balance Qi (energy) in the body for health and a calm, focused spirit. (Like acupuncture without the needles!) 


The Chinese people have been using QiGong for centuries to heal and strengthen their bodies, and it is said to be about 5000 years old. Tai Chi evolved out of QiGong, a few thousand years later, for martial applications as people discovered that they could work with their internal energy to build power for fighting.  So, Tai Chi is actually a form of QiGong, and both have healing benefits as well as martial applications - although QiGong movements tend to be much more simple and easy for everyone to do.


More and more medical research is being done every year on the health benefits of QiGong, affirming what the Chinese people have known for thousands of years.  


“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do QiGong!”  Dr. Mehmet Oz


With her special training in Medical QiGong, Risa can teach you powerful mind-body techniques which you can do for self-healing, a calm, clear mind, and vibrant energy!    


 Learn quick and easy exercises you can do in just minutes a day to:


  • Clear your mind and refresh your energy


  • Be more calm, centered and less reactive in stressful situations


  • Accomplish more every day with greater ease, energy and focus


  • Decrease pain and stiffness, improve sleep, boost immune function, and transform your health!

Try it, and discover how wonderful you'll feel! 

Contact Risa for more info. on classes and workshops.






What Risa's class participants are saying:

"I felt more relaxed after Risa's Qigong class than if I had been on a 3-month vacation!"


Diana L., CT

"After just a few classes with Risa, my back pain was gone!"

George H., CT

"It's amazing how, in one hour, I can go from feeling tired and stressed to completely relaxed and at peace."

Cheryl B., CT

Instructor: Risa Gaull, BS,MQT   Risa has a B.S. in Health/Fitness and has been teaching QiGong and Tai Chi for over 20 years.  She has specialized training in Medical QiGong – using particular exercises to stimulate and balance energy in the body in specific ways for disease prevention and healing. Using QiGong as a tool for self-awareness and spiritual growth, Risa also offers Transformational QiGong retreats and remote Energy Healing sessions.

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