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Life After Cancer

Banish Fear, Recover Your Vital Energy, and Enjoy Radiant Health!


If you are you feeling tired, anxious, and like you want to regain a sense of control over your health, then I can help you:


  • Have the energy you need to do the things you love


  • Eliminate fear of recurrence


  • Create vibrant health!



In this private, customized program, I'll guide you step-by-step on this next part of your healing journey.  We'll meet for five 1-hour sessions, and you'll receive all the support and materials you need to:


  • Supercharge your vital energy


  • Unleash your healing power with proven mindset secrets


  • Break free from fear of recurrence


  • Eat for vibrant health


  • Boost your immune system naturally 


You'll also:


  • Learn powerful, evidence-based Qigong techniques, designed specifically for fighting cancer.


  • Enhance your body’s natural ability to heal


  • Learn how you can use acupressure points to relieve pain, nausea and other symptoms.


If you want to get your energy back, take charge of your health, feel more peaceful, positive, and confident in your recovery then this is the program for you!

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